Keep The Training On

Companies have evolved a long way and pay a great deal of attention to providing adequate training to their workforce.

Focussing on being the leaders in their field, Indikasa has a well-developed training system in place in all its offices. All employees undergo training sessions at regular intervals to upskill and become future-ready.

Few outcomes of training sessions for the employees as well as the employer(s):

  • Builds on your existing professional/technical knowledge.
  • Adds a new skill to your pool.
  • Helps to bond better with your colleagues.
  • Motivates you to work as a team.
  • Breaks the ice amongst colleagues.
  • Helps in professional growth within and outside the organization.

For companies:

  • A team of professional and skilled personnel.
  • Marked improvement in outcome.
  • Positive morale and vibe.
  • All workforce on the same page.
  • (the value-added gains are numerous)

All profit and gain here, no loss

I believe that training dons a multidirectional approach. As we teach some, we tend to learn and gain more. Just need to keep an open mind to absorb and analyse the info. Everyone benefits from this cyclic form of learning, unlearning, and relearning realms. Companies thrive and grow by implementing these measures. It's a win-win combo for all.

Suraj Bedge joined our delivery team in Palghar a few months back and underwent training for assembling the knock-down furniture. He was familiar with the operation/working of the drill machine. His training sessions included a combination of theoretical knowledge and practicals. Post training, he practiced multiple times and was able to assemble various KD (Knock Down) furniture items on his own. Now, he is good to go.

A healthy work culture leads to healthier growth. Keep the training on.

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