Store Visit and Chai-Coffee

What's In A Name?

Well!! A lot, if we have a say.
Going against "The Bard's" belief;
Names carry the legacy of their brand indeed.
They also represent values that go hand-in-hand.
Showcasing the characteristics of their dreamers.
Names are hidden stories of many adventures.
Phew! Many a nights were spent a-churning;
As words were thrown back and forth - even while we were snoring.
Naming is an uphill task!
It’s not like throwing potions in a cauldron with a splash.
But that’s the story of evolvement all around.
Which later on become cherished memories.
Sounds rather profound!!
So, sip a cuppa of hot steaming chai.
While we tell you what "IndiKasa" implies.
The aadhaar (base) "Indi" signifies our love for everything Indian, culminating in our proud, rather homely "Made In India" tag for our entire product range.

"Casa" (Kasa/Casa: a phonetic play) veers more towards an earthly touch, the root pointing to a "Home" Sweet Home feel.

Yet the customisation of the brand name lends itself a bohemian vibe. The look is accentuated by our favourite "Red Dot" which brings the final zing to the lot.

The name "IndiKasa" was chosen with a lot of positivity and happiness around. We deliberated over minute details with a flurry of WhatsApp messages; tossing ideas back and forth faster than the speed of light. Finally,

With everyone's "aye-aye-captain" votes,
We managed to get everyone on board.
Do visit our studio for many such interesting anecdotes, you are sure to return home richer in ways more than one.

Happy sharing, Happy browsing, Happy buying!!
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