Some TLC For Our Furniture Too : Part 1

To this day, I distinctly remember a trip to Dehradun with my father and younger brother; staying over at my taiji’s (aunt’s) home for a week or so. I must have been in grade 5 or 6 then. My cousins handed me a bottle filled with kerosene (a household must-have back then); a toothbrush retired from active duty, and an old, soft piece of rag with instructions to clean the furniture spick and span.

Propped by a wavering hand and an unsure mind;
It took me the better part of an afternoon,
To clear the dust and the grime,
From all nooks and crevices in due time.
Wielding the much-used toothbrush like a spear.
And a clean rag dipped in kerosene amid some scare.
I tackled with trepidation those wooden surfaces.
Voila!! The tables and chairs sparkled like jewelled faces.
Never mind the kerosene stench.
Permeating my skin and mind for days on end.
The cousins were hailed for training me in household chores.
I had cleared another bastion of home décor.
And more such cleaning sessions I could foresee
In my mother’s wide grin, much to my chagrin.
As far as stories go, this method was best left to my cousins and the sleepy town of Dun. Looking back, I always remember the care and attention that we bestowed on maintaining the shine and cleanliness of our furniture with DIY methods.

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