About Us

Indikasa.com is an e-commerce initiative launched by Dhiraj Sinha, co-founder of Indikasa Exim Private Limited. It aims to cater to the domestic market in India by offering a wide range of high-quality wooden furniture and decorative items made in India. The focus of Indikasa.com is to provide customers with products crafted from solid wood specially Sheesham Wood (Rosewood) and iron, showcasing the rich craftsmanship and artistry of Indian artisans.

The platform offers a diverse collection of furniture items, including beds, sofas, dining sets, cabinets, restaurant ranges and more, all made from premium quality wood and designed to enhance the aesthetics of homes, living spaces, offices and restaurants. Additionally, Indikasa.com features an array of decorative items such as lamps and other accessories, which add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any interior.

One of the key aspects of Indikasa.com initiative is to prioritize customer satisfaction by providing excellent after-sales service. We leverage on our experience of more than 14 years in the sector exporting furniture’s to European countries and we understand the importance of ensuring a seamless shopping experience, from the moment customers browse through the website to the delivery and installation of the purchased items. Indikasa.com strives to offer prompt and reliable customer support, addressing any queries or concerns that customers may have, thus establishing a strong rapport and trust with their clientele.

Furthermore, the initiative's focus on showcasing furniture and decorative items made in India aims to support local artisans and promote their traditional craftsmanship. By providing a platform for these artisans to showcase their skills and products, Indikasa.com not only contributes to the preservation of India's rich heritage but also encourages the growth of the domestic furniture industry.

Indikasa.com is committed to become a trusted and reliable destination for customers seeking quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing products. With its focus on domestic demand and its dedication to promoting Indian craftsmanship, Indikasa.com aims to make a significant impact in the Indian e-commerce market for wooden furniture and decorative items.