Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the delivery period from the date of order confirmation?
After confirmation of the order, the delivery of shipment takes approx. 3-5 business working days in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) region, subject to stock availability in our warehouse. For delivery of orders located outside MMR region, the shipment takes approximately 10 to 12 business working days, unless specified otherwise.

How can I track the shipment?
Our office will email/SMS you the details of your shipment along with the order number which can be used to track your order. For any queries or issues, please contact our Customer Helpline Team @+91 87885 58238, +91 79770 26231 at the earliest or drop an email to us at cc@indikasaexim.com.

In case I am not at home to take delivery of the shipment?
Our Customer Care Team will call you to confirm the delivery timing. In case the customer is not available at the delivery time confirmed by them, our shipping partner will leave a notice at your address along with their phone number and details for an alternative delivery or pick-up arrangement.

Do I have to pay any delivery charges on receipt of the shipment?
The Delivery Charges are included in the cost of the products. In case, the customer is not available at the given address at the time of delivery, then the second delivery attempt will be chargeable to the customer. To avoid such situations, our customer care team will always confirm the delivery timings with the customer before shipping the goods. 

I am waiting for my shipment. Whom should I contact?
The delivery takes place almost 3-5 business working days in MMR (for delivery area outside MMR, the shipment timeline is 10-12 business working days) after confirmation of the order meaning after receipt of payment in our accounts. Usually, it takes 2 working days to receive the payment initiated by the customer. Our team would update the shipment details via emails/SMS or phone calls at every step with the order tracking number.
In case our shipping partners are unable to reach you, our team shall contact you immediately and make alternate arrangements for the delivery.
However, if you have neither received the shipment nor any emails from our team, please contact our Customer Helpline Team at the earliest at +91 87885 58238, @+91 79770 26231 or drop an email to us at cc@indikasaexim.com. In adverse situations, Indikasa reserves the right to cancel the entire sale contract(order) along with a full refund of your payment amount.

If I need to change my shipping address once the order has been placed, what is the procedure?
Please contact our Customer Helpline Team at the earliest at +91 87885 58238 or drop an email to us at cc@indikasaexim.com.

Is it possible to cancel an order?
Kindly be guided further by our Order Cancellation Policy on this matter. Click for your easy reference.

What is the notice period after receipt of shipment for the return of goods?
Post-receipt of shipment, return of goods by the customer is only applicable to manufacturing damaged/defective products. In order to receive a replacement, customers should inform us of any damage/defects within 24 hours of delivery of the product. For details, kindly look into our Product Return Policy and also Procedure for Returning The Goods.

If I am not satisfied with the product after a few days?
Such requests are subject to investigation on a case-to-case basis. For further details, kindly refer to the section Product Return Policy.

Whom do I contact if the packaging of the products is damaged upon delivery?
If the packaging of the shipment is not intact at the time of receipt of shipment (if the product packaging has been opened or is damaged), please do not accept the package and immediately notify our Customer Care Team @ +91 87885 58238 or drop an email to us at cc@indikasaexim.com. We shall get in touch with you to solve the problem.

In case any parts or items, included as part of the final product, are missing from the shipment?
Immediately notify our Customer Care Team +91 87885 58238 within 24 hours of receiving the shipment or drop an email to us at cc@indikasaexim.com if any part or accessory is missing or if there are any defects. We shall arrange to send over a replacement to you at the earliest.

What is the time required to receive the refund at my end?
The refund would be processed within 15 business working days of receiving the returned product in its original packaging. The refund time period would include the time taken to complete the refund process but exclude any delays on part of banks/card issuers or shipment time in case of cheque refunds.

How can I provide feedback about your product?
We shall be delighted to hear from you. You can drop us an email at cc@indikasaexim.com with your reviews and comments on our product(s).

I am not able to access your website. What should I do?
Please ensure that you are using latest version of the browser: our website is best supported by the latest browsers. Or else, do give a call to our Customer Care Team @ +91 87885 58238 or drop an email at cc@indikasaexim.com

Why do I see some defects and imperfections in the furniture?
Wood, being a natural material, tends to exhibit slight differences in shape, size and finishing. Unlike the engineered varieties, logs are marked by their unique visual characteristics, such as spiral grains, dead knots, green knots, twist in wood, textures and colours, which naturally make their way into the finished product also. During processing of wood, at times the knot may be removed completely and at other times, it may get distributed randomly throughout the piece.
In factories, the pieces undergo multiple processes like sawing, drying, machining, jointing, glueing and so on. However, products require human intervention at many levels before they can be certified “fit for shipping”.

Do I need to enable cookies in my browser when visiting your website?
Cookies are the small amounts of data that are sent from a website to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Generally, your browser’s setting would be ticked to 'cookies enabled’ setting (so your browser can receive cookies from every website that you visit). Cookies cannot access your personal information, instead they use anonymous unique identifiers. Enabling cookies on your browser will allow you to add product(s) to your cart and access your account information. Make sure to logout in case you are using a public computer, or are sharing your computer with others before leaving the computer to protect your account information.