Why Indikasa ?

Choosing Us : Embracing Indikasa

To embrace products with a "Made in India" hand,
It is wiser to choose Indikasa Furniture brand.
Premium Quality: The Indikasa Experience

Indikasa company has gained extensive experience working in the furniture industry for the last 12 years. Our team members have ample expertise in all processes involved in making different kinds of furniture items.

To offer a premium product to our customers, we: 

  • Examine the technical parameters
  • Conduct extensive quality control
  • Perform various tests
  • Check the quality of glue and resins used in joineries
  • Perform a physical inspection of the goods at different stages 
Our company is closely involved in designing a range of furniture items and is partnering successfully with many international buyers. 

The furniture items offered on our website are crafted from timber like Sheesham wood, Mango wood, and Acacia wood with or without iron components.

We are proud to bank on our decade-long experience of liaisoning with local manufacturers across the length and breadth of India. It has lent us an experienced air of forecasting the expected trends in the furniture industry. We have developed a good understanding of the earthly and refined palate of the customers.

We take the utmost pride in our #homegrown #vocalforlocal #madeinindia labels that align with our country's mission completely.

We constantly push the boundaries and brainstorm ideas and designs to develop furniture which is eco-friendly, cost-effective, user-friendly, and value for money (VFM).

Our long-standing experience in this industry - from sourcing the material to the final manufacturing stages - helps us to develop new ideas and designs with our Research and Development (RnD) team.

We always aim for a customer-centric and proactive approach – whether it involves developing a new range or working on an existing range of furniture items.

We partner only with local vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers to craft "Made in India" products for our customers.

100% on-time delivery system

On-time Delivery (OTD) metric for regular deliveries: Indikasa is committed to delivering the goods on or before the due date of the timeline mentioned on the purchase order. Adherence to the 100% on-time delivery (OTD) metric at Indikasa online furniture store is crucial to the customer satisfaction index parameters.

On-time Delivery (OTD) metric for exceptional situations: In situations beyond our control which may include, but are not limited to, acts of God, natural calamities (like rains, floods, earthquakes, etc.), riots, and transport strikes, the delivery of the goods may not take place as per the promised timeline. Our Customer Support Team will always keep you informed about the status of your order in each situation. We shall make every effort to prioritize your products for the delivery schedule at the earliest. As always, we solicit your cooperation and support in these exceptional circumstances.  

When the order is confirmed on our website, our Customer Support Team shall provide continuous updates to the customer via their preferred communication channel(s) (email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.)

On-time Delivery (OTD) metric for specific pin codes: Kindly note that the on-time delivery time metric may not apply for some areas/regions/cities falling under specific pin codes. In such cases, our Customer Support Team will inform the customer of the estimated delivery timeline while placing the order or suggest an alternative practice.

On-time Delivery (OTD) metric for customized orders: When the order involves customized furniture or when the stock is not readily available in our warehouses), our Customer Support Team shall inform and discuss the delivery timeline with the customer after taking into calculation all parameters like the order quantity, specifications, and requirements.

Free installation within 48 hours wherever required

KD products: A few products featured on the Indikasa online furniture store website are available in knock-down (KD) condition. The KD products may require wall mounting, installation, or assembly before their usage. We have a qualified and trained team that can professionally assemble the product in the least possible time. Kindly be assured that our team will expertly set up or wall-mount the item to your satisfaction. 

Checklist before the arrival/delivery of items to your homes

Selecting the area/location for installation: Customers are requested to decide the exact location/area in their homes before delivery of KD products for a seamless process. 

Clear instructions to delivery team: Ensure that you pinpoint/specify the exact location/area to our delivery team for installation/mounting/assembly of the goods.

Obtaining permissions for installing products: Customers should obtain all permissions for drilling, hammering, etc., from their society/governing bodies for mounting/installing/assembling the products on their walls before the scheduled delivery.

Prior checking of passage/lift area/staircase dimensions: Customers are kindly requested to ensure that the items bought from our online furniture store will fit through doors, staircases, and lifts in their packaging condition before placing their order on the Indikasa website. Detailed information on product dimension values is available on our website in the product information column.

Products that do not fall under installation/mounting/ assembly: Indikasa wishes to inform our customers that our team is not equipped to install wooden swings in any condition.

DIY by customer: If the customers do not require the installation/mounting/assembly services offered by our team and are willing to DIY the installation/mounting/assembly on their own, any risk arising during/before/after the DIY shall not be the responsibility of our company.

The framework of our Post Sales and Customer Support teams

Belief in building a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship: We strongly believe that a high-level Post Sales Service Team and Customer Support Team are the leading pillars to building a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

An active and approachable Post Sales Team: Indikasa online furniture store has set up an active and easy-to-approach Post Sales Service Team to cater to the requirements of our customers. We implement multiple steps to ensure that we take care of the customer's concerns post-delivery also.

Customer-oriented: As part of our core policy, we are highly customer-oriented and keep strengthening the customer satisfaction index by providing adequate support post-sales too.

An interactive and proactive Customer Support Team: We maintain an interactive Customer Support Team to resolve any issues faced by the customer promptly.

A multi-channel communication strategy: Our team adopts multi-channel communication approach (email, SMS, WhatsApp, Indikasa website, search engines, social networks, etc.) to keep in touch with the customers. We employ these powerful resources to optimize shopping experience of the customers on Indikasa website.

Proactive approach: Indikasa has always adopted a “proactive approach” to deal with any concerns that may arise post-delivery of the products. Our teams take the initiative and meet the customers on their terms to address their concerns.

Consistent customer support: We undertake to give continuous virtual online support to our customers to enable them to experience a dynamic shopping e-safari on the Indikasa website.

Real-time support with live chat: Indikasa website is an IT-enabled e-commerce platform. We can orchestrate real-time communication with our customers via the Live Chat Widget to make the browsing and shopping experience hassle-free for our customers. The live chat Widget also helps us to deal with the customer’s problem immediately, and our team can provide a solution within no time.

Help desk software: Indikasa website, powered by a network of IT tools, uses help desk software as a supplementary e-assistant to manage queries posted by our customers quickly and in real time.

Providing Self service-based Ecommerce Support

24*7 support system: Indikasa website has implemented a 24*7 customer support services system on our website to deliver the best experience to our customers.

User-friendly website: All the pages on our website are easy to negotiate, user-friendly, and aid the customers in browsing through our website independently without the help of any support team or virtual assistant.

Frequently asked questions for automated solutions: In case of queries, a visit to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page can help customers to find any solution independently.

Free Delivery

Free delivery policy: Indikasa online furniture store includes a free shipping policy for all deliveries. Customers do not have to worry about paying extra charges during checkout other than what is visible on the final e-invoice sheet. 

The free shipping offer is applicable for the first scheduled delivery attempt on a visit to your ship-to address.

Charges for an extra visit due to missed delivery schedule: If the customer is not available at home during the first shipping attempt without intimating the Indikasa team, we shall raise an invoice for an extra visiting charge for 2nd delivery/installation attempt.

Missed delivery schedule by the customer: If the customers are not available to accept the delivery of their goods on the scheduled day, Indikasa shall hold the product(s) for a grace period of 15 days only in their warehouse. Beyond this grace period of 15 days, Indikasa shall charge the customer an amount to hold the products longer in our warehouse.

Kindly refer to our “Delayed Delivery Charges” policy for further details on this matter.