Some TLC For Our Furniture Too : Part 2

A well-polished furniture shines on its own.
And its rustic beauty adds elegance to our homes.
Some grandmother’s nuskhe (methods) from our store.
To make it last forever and just a bit more.
When it comes to furniture, we all have our favourite pieces from the ones adorning our homes. I always have a weakness for bookshelves/bookcases and a comfortable rocking chair placed next to them for my reading sessions. A cousin of mine loves the idea of a wooden jafri to partition her room; my brother prefers to plant his bulk on soft sofas all day long. The dining table is a perpetual rendezvous point in every household.

Furniture looks best when it shines like a jewel. A li’l bit of TLC aided by a few DIY tips, and our furniture can last for generations to come.

Care And Maintenance Keep The Shine On
Identify the main factors which can, in the long run, damage your furniture. This would make it easier to apply and follow a particular CnC (cleaning and caring) regime. Taking care of arch enemies like direct sunlight, liquid spills, extreme temperatures, rising humidity levels, etc., will ensure that your wooden furniture will last for generations to come

Direct Sunlight Is Not Right.
Stay clear of selecting those areas/places in your homes where the sunrays are likely to fall directly on the furniture. The sunlight can lead to discolouration of the external surface; damage to the natural grain and texture of the wood.
Rotate the arrangement once in six months for uniform exposure to external elements. This also holds good if you do not have much choice in picking out the area to place your furniture.

Spillage Mars The Image
Liquid spillage and extreme temperature on surfaces can be taken care of by using artistic/hand-made coasters, pot-holders and trivets. Using saucers under cups also prevents liquid spillage and surface contact with extreme temperatures.

Moist/Humid Environment.
Rain, rain, go away… we do not want our furniture to decay.
This could be our mantra during those long rainy spells when the humidity levels keep on rising with each passing day. The furniture may acquire a swollen and distorted look in high humid places; not to mention the accompanying unpleasant smell and development of mildew on the surfaces. To get rid of the musty/mouldy smell and the mildew, expose the furniture to an open, shady place on a warm/sunny day for a few hours, but "not under direct sunlight".

Spell To Drive Away The Smell.
Sprinkle some talcum powder/baking powder on the surface to absorb any unpleasant smell during monsoons.
Camphor and naphthalene balls in an open glass jar or bowl, being good absorbers of moisture, help to maintain the humidity levels. However, be aware that even low humidity may result in a loss of moisture, causing the furniture to shrink and crack. So, try to maintain the humidity levels.
Keep the windows open during the daytime for fresh air and sunlight.

Regular Dusting Makes The Item Long Lasting.
Wipe the furniture with a soft mulmul/old cotton cloth to remove dust. Once in a fortnight, use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust residues. A mild dish soap solution can be used to dampen the cloth. However, care must be taken to wring the cloth fully before wiping the surface of any item. A soft dry cloth should be used to remove traces of moisture.

Handle With A Candle
A white candle can be rubbed gently on drawers that are hard to move; to smoothen their rough sliding movement.

Sharp Objects Leave A Mark
Be alert when using any sharp objects near wooden furniture as they may easily mar the external surface leaving behind visible scratches.

Oil And Wax Are Beauty Facts
Wooden furniture loses its shine with the passage of time. Oiling and waxing provide much-needed protection to the furniture pieces and add to their life expectancy. The recommended frequency for oiling and waxing is once every three months.

Kindly share with us your tips and tricks to maintain the shelf-life and lustre of your precious pieces of wood

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